Are you guilty? Illusions & Delusions of Certainty.

When things are uncertain, we try to create certainty. Often though whatever we’re creating or telling ourselves is simply an illusion (false or misleading impression of reality) or a delusion (false belief or opinion). We create illusions and delusions of certainty to quell the discomfort of uncertainty and ambiguity.  We make roadmaps, we make plans,... Continue Reading →

Just Scrolling Through

I am an alive observer With questions… I’m skeptical Disappointed Tuned in. Everyone I see Seems Tuned out. Are we Working while we scroll Or scrolling while we work? Living to scroll Or scrolling to live? Seems we’re Blind, not seeing Deaf, not hearing Checked out, not sensing All thumbs Eyes scanning All numb Fully... Continue Reading →

Imperfectly Perfect

It’s not perfect It’s not good enough So I’m not good enough I need to get it right Or it’s wrong So I’m wrong I have to nail it Or it falls apart So I fall apart What if the truth is Nothing is really perfect, It’s just done Nothing is really wrong, It’s just... Continue Reading →

Redefining Leadership Performance

Organizations everywhere are underperforming. People are burning out, leaving, frustrated, certainly not bringing their best to work. Endless unproductive meetings, busyness. Transformations failing, change not sticking.  Work is not working.  Much of this has to do with how we’re leading and systematically flourishing bureaucracy. According to research published in Forbes 2018, 89% of leaders believe... Continue Reading →

Ignited Remembrance

- For G, and all those we remember who helped us find our way With tears of forever gratitude And still a heavy heart, I remember, And go onward. You always had more confidence in me Than I had in myself. You trusted me More than ever I trusted myself. You believed in me And... Continue Reading →

Are you creating a sense of Urgency? or Emergency?

Leaders are trying to get results, make initiatives go faster, deliver on strategy. In pursuit of these efforts they often experience frustration and a constant feeling of pressure to “get it done”. They then convey this pressure to get teams moving faster, but how they show up determines if the team operates effectively and performs,... Continue Reading →

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